Interpretation of the imported wine latent password

In the face of imported wine current surging, aims to illustrate there is a big gap between phenomenon and essence. On the surface of the phenomenon is a reflection of the nature of this show, however, is not very accurate, the nature of things around from side to side. As a business behavior, profit maximization is need to pursue essence through the phenomenon to be realized. * * * * contact with imported wine merchants process, it was also like a game, each side wanted to borrow more trend to strengthen ourselves, of course, the result will have quite a variety: mutual benefit, mutual damage, the damage of each one. Standing on the position of narrow nationalism, a lot of people hope can obtain the * * * * businessman. To gain profit, of course, is a kind of good hope, if you want to dream come true, you must really understand imported wine latent password.

Why Hong Kong can become a wine center in Asia
Hong Kong since * * * cancel after-tax the wine market is developing rapidly, a sharp increase every year. According to Lin XX, * * * * years ago in the third quarter, up to hk $7.33 billion total cost of the Hong Kong wine imports, rose 57% from a year earlier. In wine exports, three quarter before Hong Kong wine exports reached hk $1.49 billion, up 68.2% from the same period a year earlier, as the world's wine trade hub in Hong Kong, but also become the best platform of wine enterprises to exploit the Asian market.

Hong Kong can make wine boom in a short span of a few years, cancel all the wine tax is one of the important measures. Because do not impose any value added tax, goods and services tax, Hong Kong to become the world's main economic system in the first wine tax havens, and clear mark of all related with the wine tax and/or administrative controls, 

import and export more convenient, also make the duty-free wine provides convenience for buyers and sellers.

In addition, Hong Kong is not a wine producing region, local source of an ancient name for China in terms of sale and promotion of wine wine in a neutral position, at the same time, relying on more than 40 years of experience in the wine trade in Hong Kong, Hong Kong and around the vineyard wine region and business closely, it provides the guarantee for the development and prosperity of the wine market in Hong Kong.

Agent harryhui international co., LTD., managing director of the Hungarian wine what yu Zhi believe that Hong Kong as the wine center in Asia and Hong Kong of people understand wine, wine has a lot to do. Hong Kong people understand Asian food tastes, and senior professionals, with a large number of proficient in Chinese and English makes this Hong Kong people are particularly love wine, know the wine way of collocation, subtly promotion for a long time at the same time, also let the local catering enterprises in the aspect of wine matchs cate made model, to become Asia food model of learning.

High-end wine prices boost phase of wine market prosperity
In recent years, every holiday, high-end wine prices seems to be a kind of inertia. * * * *, according to the announcement from * * * day improve product ex-factory price, rose as high as 30%. And the retail price of * * * this year has been dealers increase several times.
In this environment, en primeur market has also been gradually heating up. Many businesses or individuals buy bulk wine or purchase overseas famous wine products. * * * * winery even some powerful food trading company, are involved in the wine business.
High-end wine market expectations of continued prosperity and the market prices have been consolidated, boost the development of the * * wine business, have a stable price space, investment talents have enough interest to invest in en primeur, inertia increases each year in the market environment, the period has developed the wine business.