(1) when the mood is better

(2) he drank and drank

Is taken again would endanger life. But the boiling point of methanol is 64.7 ℃, lower than the boiling point of ethanol 78.3 ℃, with boiling water or alcohol fire heating, it will turn into gas evaporate. Acetaldehyde are the main factors to the spicy smell of wine, drunk phenomenon such as excessive smoking people can appear giddy, and its boiling point only 21 ℃, with a little hot water to make it evaporate. At the same time, in the process of heating, wine alcohol will follow some volatile, in this way, the harmful composition in wine also is a leap, many less damage to the human body is also less. The temperature of the wine, of course, also not be too high, the overheating drinking wine, one is physical injury, 2 it is ethanol volatilization of too many, it is a good wine didn't taste.

(3) the "drink will little swallow"

(4) do not mix drink

(5) don't drink on an empty stomach

(6) don't strong drink

(7) after drinking less tea